So here we go! buckyy-barnes asked me a few days ago about some tips on drawing faces. 

Well, every artist could tell you different things about the right way of drawing people but for me there’s no canon at all. I’ve tried some academic tips (for example: grid, geometrical modulation of forms or killing myself with sketches as long as I could until starting to draw something nearly similar to the reference pic) but I wasn’t satisfied.
Then I’ve started learning to see. It’s the most important thing to do before starting to draw, I guess. More time you’ll spend gazing at photographic/painting/bust portraits, more specific details you’ll be able to see. Remember, the details define your drawing! Also if the character you’re going to draw has some evident particularity like, I don’t know, crooked nose, cross-eye, weird eyebrows or mouth, just take time to study it as well is possible. And point it/them out when the first draft is finished.
Anyway… I think the hardest thing to do in fact is drafting the proportional parts of faces. If the draft is wrong, also will be the details. Now, how do I? Well, I mix the geometrical modulation and the ”line-point” method. What’s this? Let me show you. Take my lovely Merlin for example:

As you can see I’ve started to mark out the edges of Colin/Merlin’s face and unite all the points and create a sort of diagonals which help me to sketch out the volumes and curves. The same point method is useful for shading!
How do I transfer the points and lines on my sheet of paper? With an ordinary technique of taking proportions/distance with pencil :D

If you’re starting to draw faces without a reference pic, well… the only thing that I can suggest to you is… exercise. Just search for the different pics of single faces parts and try to draw them all. It will help you to notice a difference between them and starting to draw characters with their own distinctive features. 



Okay, first of all - that gif is obscene, how dare you I can’t even focus now. Second - I CANNOT WAIT! :D Your talent continues to blow me away my god. (gurgles you must draw emmett/simon in this style too)

AHAHAH PARDON! <3 And thank you so much dear! *-*

Omg Emmett, YES! There will be Emmett/Simon, Colin/Merlin, Misha/Castiel, Norman/Daryl too… I’m obsessing with digital painting, HELP ME.


AHAHAH YES! Brush and Mixer Brush Tool are now my best friends :D
I think I’ll do your famous Newberry in digital version! <3